Fall Fling 2016 Donors & Sponsors


Lina and Justin Triesch/River City Steel & Recycling

Callie and Jake Loden

Kendall and Chance Mazurek/Mazurek & Holliday P.C.

Annalese and Jeremy Smolik

Amelita and David Mauzé

Wesley and Kyle Pennington

Sally and Roger Hill

Annie and John DeKoch/Alamo Heights Dental

Jennifer and Chris Mitchell

Y.N. and Cynthia Strait/Strait Ranches


Shanna and Philip Rodriguez

Louise and Jimmie Thurmond

Paulette Dean/Paulette Dean PC

Elizabeth and Chris Dewar

Corinna and Joseph Richter

Vanessa and P. Jordan Smith/MHD Financial

Christen and George Wommack/Belles & Beaux


Sarah Henderson

Lauren and Pete McLaughlin

Ashley and Alcide Longoria

Ana and Brian Markelz

Martha and Ben Gray

The Gus Petty family

Amy and Ken Maverick/Focal Point Vision

Ariele and Manuel Mungia

Carrie and Jim Lane

Lauren and Wade Vielock

Suzanne and Brad Poynter

Bonnie and Mark Muecke

Katie and Blake Loftin

Carole and Elgin Wong

Scotty and Clifton Macdaniel

Whitney and Ross Ormond

Emily and Scott Christy

Alice and Jeremy Evans

Ashley and Cottie Miles/Martin & Drought PC

Susan and Dirk DeKoch

Amy and Josh Berg/Jennings Anderson Ford

Amy and Josh Berg/Alamo Truck Gear

Amy and Ben Bratteli/Satel's

Kathy Prieto

Nancy and Robert Turnbull

Sara and Michael Karcher

Justin and Malini Fowler

Jamie Moore/Moore Manufacturing Solutions

Emily and Alex Whittington/Stalwart Contracting, LLC

Casteel and William Ochse


Dominique and Christian Balldin

Sarah and Brian Kates

Lorien and Marc Whyte

Alanna and Price Onken

Elizabeth and Eric Reblin

Lindsey and Daniel Koehl

Megan and Carl Crane

Laura and Kevin Salfen

Katie and Ross Pinson

Jennifer and John Cooley

Supang and John McGuire

Amanda and Jim Adams

Tonya and Dane Embrey

Amy and Frank Haeglin

Hannah and Charles Beever

Elisabeth and Matt Koehler


Cookie Cab

Star Bottling Works, Inc.

Brent Manning

Teka Molino

Cheesy Janes

Fry's Fun Farm

Rainbow Bounce

Y.N. and Cynthia Strait

Lina Triesch

Tonya Embrey

Callie and Jake Loden

Tory and Clay Richmond/Pizza Hut