September 2021

Dear St. David’s Families & Friends,                                                               
As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, we are ever-so-grateful for St. David’s Episcopal School and the community of teachers, staff, students, and parents that pour into our children daily and strive to keep them safe and happy despite what might be happening in the world.

We are Kristin & Mike Payne, and we are serving as the Angels Annual Fund chairs for this school year.  We are blessed with four children at St. David’s this year:  Annie (PreK-4), Mollie (PreK-3), and Thomas & Bowen (PreK-2).  This is our 4th year to be part of the St. David’s family, and we are honored to get to serve this precious school in a tangible way.

Many of you may be new to St. David’s this year, and others may have lingering questions about the Angel Fund, so we want to do our best to explain some of the questions we’ve heard (and previously had ourselves).

What is the ANGELS FUND?
The Angels Fund is comprised of the generous donations from our parents, grandparents, church members and friends.  Tuition alone does not cover the entirety of the school operating budget or provide for every special thing that St. David’s does for our children. The Angels Fund bridges the gap by covering around 10% of the school’s operating budget and assisting with many special events and treats for the children.  In short, the Angels Fund is vital to the school’s operations and allows us to maintain competitive tuition rates for our area.  

What does the ANGELS FUND do?

  • Keeps our student to teacher ratio at one to six or seven (depending on age)
  • Keeps our staff comprised of highly qualified teachers – 9 certified and all having bachelor’s or master’s degrees
  • Allows the school to bring in outside education experiences (traveling theatre, rodeo week, etc.)
  • Turns our playground into a snowy wintery wonderland
  • Sends our teachers to annual conferences to make sure we have the most up-to-date curriculum
  • Allows for scholarships and tuition assistance for over 20 students

As an ANGELS FUND Donor…
You and your child(ren) will be included in several extra events throughout the school year. We hope we are able to provide opportunities for everyone to get to know the St. David’s family throughout the year.

How much do we donate to the ANGELS FUND?
Our goal is 100% participation, and no donation is too small! There will be popsicle parties for the classes who reach this goal throughout the year.  Our overall goal is to raise $50,000, and we would be so grateful if you would help us meet this goal!

How do I donate to the ANGELS FUND?
You can mail a check to the school at 1300 Wiltshire Avenue, San Antonio, Texas 78209 or click the link above to make a secure online donation. Feel free to reach out to either of us if you have questions. We are happy to share why we feel Angels Annual Fund is so important.

Kristin & Mike Payne

Angels Fund Giving Levels
$1,000 or more - St. David's Gabriel
$250-$999 - St. David's Archangel
$100-$249 - St. David's Angel
$25-$99 - Friend of St. David's

To give to the Angels Annual Fund, click the link on the left for a secure, online donation, or call or email Becky Gulley at 210-824-2481 or

Our Angels Fund 2021-2022 Goal:

$50,000 and

100% parent participation