Whitney and Ross Ormond/Offenhauser Insurance
Rosalie and Eddie Pinson
Carrie and Jim Lane
Jeannie and Bobby Dullnig
Mr. and Mrs. A. Baker Duncan
Laura Martino
Jean and John Parsons
Emily and Mark Connally
Pam and George Willeford
Samantha Rodriguez
Melinda and Joe Abell
Hilary and Pete Bridgman
Cathy and John Hawa
Judy and David Onken
Lauren and Pete McLaughlin
Olmos Speech, Language and Learning Clinic
Sally and Gary Loden
Amanda and Alfred Macdaniel
Carol and Al Olson
Doe Hollimon
Kathy and Tom Carskadden
Bonnie and Mark Muecke/Mark Muecke Capital Management LLC
Christen and George Wommack/Belles and Beaux
Kenneth Pruitt
Jane and Marshall Steves
Cally and Will Kothmann
Cutler and Doug Crockard
Dr. and Mrs. Roy Martino
Louise and Jimmie Thurmond
Karen and Jeff Bryant
Canon Kirk and the Rev. Lisa Mason
Sarah and James Dingivan
Alison Ketabchi
Catherine and Matt Bishop/Bexar Holdings, LLC
Elizabeth and Brian Markelz
Daniela and Antonio Serna IV
Aaron and Sarah Henderson
Nicole and Rob McClane
Shanna and Phil Rodriguez
Julianna Hawn Holt
Corinna and JB Richter
Stephanie and Mike Sierra
Mike Sierra/Argent Trust Company
Diane and Jerry Turner
Ellen and Emily Hasslocher
Ariele and Manuel Mungia
John DeKoch/Alamo Heights Dental
Betsy and Elmer Ellis
The Dingivan Family
Amy and Josh Berg
Scott Wilson/Jennings Anderson Ford
Emily and Scott Christy
Kristina and Jim Aderhold/Gray Digital Group
Frost Bank
Linda Gail and Robert Dullnig/Dullnig Ranches
International Bank of Commerce
Allison and Stephen Dyer
Christy and Will Hernandez/Hernandez Dental Center
Lori Conger
Susan and Bill Lane
Peter Hollimon, M.D.
Nancy O'Brien
Felicia Easley
Connie and John Cooley
Cecile and Charles Gorham
Debi and Gordon Welch
Judith and Stephen Markelz