Teacher with class

St. David's Curriculum:

St. David's Day School is a Pre-School/ Kindergarten program specifically designed to take into consideration the developmental needs of the individual child. The environment is nurturing, positive and stimulating and one that strives to help children experience school success.

St. David's children are exposed to language and literacy in meaningful ways: listening to and reading stories, poetry, singing songs, finger plays, exposure to charts and graphs and labeled items in the classroom. They are introduced to the alphabet and the sounds they make, verbal exercises, story telling and hands-on projects.

St. David's School uses the Zoophonics program beginning in our youngest classes. This pre-reading program meets all learning styles in a way that is fun for students and capitalizes on their natural interest in animals. As students grow and master letter identification and sounds, their literacy instruction progresses to more challenging phonogram instruction through the Spalding Reading and Spelling program.

Daily Spanish instruction is an integral part of the St. David's curriculum. The Spanish teacher instructs children in this beautiful language through games, song, skits, and various other learning methods.

In the area of math, science and social studies, children are guided in seeking solutions to concrete problems. Learning objectives are taught and then reinforced through block play, measuring and estimating, classifying, and many other activites. Teachers model talking about and expressing observations- a great way to solidify learning.

The spiritual element of St. David's School is planned and deliberate. Daily chapel is led by a different church or school staff  member. Children learn that God loves them very much! This message is taught through prayer, singing, Bible stories, secular stories, role playing, and seasonal celebrations.

Socialization is another large component of the St. David's School program." Children learn what it is like to be part of a group, make friends, take turns, perform in musical programs, experience seasonal celebrations, and go on field trips. Community service projects help teach the students "it is more blessed to give than receive".

St. David's Enrichment:

St. David's has offered various enrichment opportunities that begin in the three year old program and extend through kindergarten. Spanish 'Lunch Bunch' offers students small group Spanish instruction.  After school classes that we have offered include Dance, Bricks Academy, and Tae Kwon Do.  Our four year old and kindergarten classes take many field trips every year that reinforce classroom learning and expose them to the exciting world they live in.