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Kindergarten Curriculum

Why is Kindergarten at St. David's a step above the rest?

We use Spalding Phonics starting in Kindergarten to build upon the foundation learned through Zoophonics in PK2-PK4. Spalding Phonics teaches the children all the different sounds of each grapheme rather than just the short and long sound. For example, a can say /a/ as in apple, /a/ as in acorn, and /o/ as in father. The program goes on to expose students to 2, 3, and 4 letter phonograms such as ow, ph, sh, igh, and eigh. Students benefit from a phonics-based reading instruction by learning to decode almost every word they encounter in early reading and beyond. There is also a place for sight words in that it speeds up the decoding process and therefore improves comprehension. Some high frequency words are just tricky and it’s less overwhelming if every single word doesn’t need to be decoded.

Program Highlights:

  • Small class size led by a certified teacher
  • Creative play that allows students to think critically, solve problems creatively, and develop a love of learning
  • Spalding Phonics, Reading Groups, Handwriting Without Tears, Investigative Science, Hands-On Math
  • Smartboard technology supported instruction
  • Leadership opportunities through chapel and special responsibilities on campus

In math, our teachers base a scope and sequence on the Texas Standards incorporating a hands-on math approach using journals and daily calendar binders. Students get independent time weekly to explore math concepts. The beauty of having small classes with shared assistants is that there is much opportunity for individual and small group learning based on student ability and interest with support from a teacher.

Our teachers extend this knowledge base into writing as students first draw, then apply graphemes and phonograms to help put their thoughts into comprehensible words. It’s amazing how one day a student can go from, “I don’t know how to read” to decoding his or her first word AND writing it– that’s when the magic happens!